The process is similar to the one described above. If you’re not sure which file to export, right-click and select “Export”.

  • If your Windows Vista has SP2 installed, your original installation DVD also must have SP2.
  • Most e-mail service providers use the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol to handle outgoing mail.
  • Please pay attention that this error is only on Windows 10 and it will prevent you from using a photo APP.

If you can’t repair the registry manually, you can reinstall the operating 0x800B010A system. A clean installation of Windows can solve the problem, but this will also remove any files that are on the PC. There are many ways to install programs, but you should avoid using cloud downloads. You can also download programs and files from a local or cloud service, but it’s not recommended for serious problems.

Once you are done following these steps, reboot your computer and check whether the error code is clear or not. If this doesn’t help you fix the issue, move to the next workaround.

Account Information

As you may already know, the sun officially set on Windows 7 in January 2020. The OS will continue to be available for users who need access to security updates or other patches until 2023. Registry cleanup – The tool can detect and remove obsolete or incorrect information from the Windows registry to optimize your PC’s performance. If you are not tech-savvy or just don’t have the time to manually go through multiple steps, an automatic tool will come in handy. There are many such programs available in the market that can do the job.

Spotify’s “Something went wrong” error can appear if your account isn’t correctly syncing with the company’s servers. In this case, you can log out and back into your account to fix the account-related problems.

Email Account SetupIn Office Outlook

It also has the ability to send and receive messages. But like other desktop-based applications, Windows Live Mail is also affected by many errors. The Outgoing email server properties section will appear on the screen. Here, check the ‘Log on using’ option and provide the account name and password for outgoing mail (don’t forget to check the box Remember password.), and then click OK. The properties of the email account will be displayed. Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800ccc0e occurs when the application is unable to connect to a mail server.

For this section, we’re going to walk you through five ways to troubleshoot the “This site can’t be reached” error. Let’s start with the simplest fix, which involves checking your connection. Unfortunately, that error message is pretty generic — without some sort of error code, it’s hard to troubelshoot. You can roll back your system to a restore point prior to when you started getting the error mesage or you can reinstall MS Live Essentials over the top of the existing installation. The second method should not mess with any of your existing configuration settings (at least it hasn’t in the past), but you should try the restore point option first. The obvious solution is the obliteration of unsent mail. Once it is done, do a quick test – send yourself a message and see if it arrives at its destination.