7 years on for us and we are still very much in love and look forward to our future together, we met on a dating site so obviously not all bad. Never fall in love quickly with your date.

Besides, if you have mutual friends, you don’t have to worry that the woman will lie about her age, job, or background, which makes the offline dating option more secure. Moreover, chemistry happens faster when you meet in real life, and you can immediately feel if the lady has the right vibes or if something is off-putting.

  • Maybe it is easier to tell in person, but I hate them wasting my time.
  • Most expats meet their significant other through apps and online websites, such as the one mentioned above.
  • She will probably also behave like a child who wants attention.
  • YOu know, i am a Filipina as well, but i am against and not in favor of what other co/ Filipina doing to their Foreign boyfriend or foreign husband……..

An 2013 I started an online friendship with a man while working and traveling to build a marketing business that failed. Maybe you just chose the wrong ones. Maybe you were looking in the wrong places. Maybe you were looking for the wrong thing and then later wanted more.

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I’ve had relationships with filipino men before, but had bad experiences with them. Since, i’m working abroad, i’ve met quite a few foriegners, and when they find out that i mainly hail from the Philippines, they start to back off. It seems that the had met and heard about filipinas meeting/marrying and what not, foreign men for money/visa etc. the thing is, they don’t know me yet, and they already had that conclusion. I mean, i’m a professional, a medical doctor, came from a good family, with most of my relatives having the same educational qualification as i am. Aside from that, my relatives are even scattered in western countries practicing their profession. Hello, this article had just been forwarded to me by a friend who happened to stay with us here in hk, and yes I can relate to all of this.

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The times I was ripped off in Phillipines were not near as often or expensive. To those who have bad experiences, I really feel sorry for you, but please use common sense -like get to know the person better first before getting serious. Be selective, do not get involve or hang around with someone who’s shady character -these applies to anyone -pinays or not. It is not easy to have a balanced view — especially if/when you have recently been horribly scammed by a “lovely filipina”. As for the guy above who stoutly maintains, “I’m married to a filipina, and I KNOW”, I’d say go back to the paragraph above.

The Philippines is the country with the highest intermarriage rate, divorce is prohibited there, and Filipino women are considered some of the best foreign wives you can possibly find. But what else do we know about them? You’ll find the answers to these and other questions in this guide.


How he encourage me that I’m going to be the absolute best mother and wife around. They are so ADORABLE I bet you get sexy looks from all the men when you go out looking so fine! ” but he said it in a highly feminized voice like he was trying to be sassy.

It’s funny because some of my non-Fil friends here in Manila have sometimes asked me for some job referrals because they need money to survive in Manila. I myself am kinda seeing an American guy right now and he shares with me his financial woes he’s facing because of misguided decisions he made even before he met me. I share with him my own problems at work. He’s only two years older than me, and despite other men , Filipino and non-Fil liking me, younger or older than me, I chose him because his values and opinions are similar to mine. Bottom line is, for whatever reason two people get together, they shouldn’t care what others think as long as they are happy.

It’s difficult to adjust with each other when living together. Then they have to adjust with other family members also which is another difficult task.