They look at all of the financial details of a company so they can make larger decisions about how the business operates. Accountants are more specialized, so not every company has an in-house accountant. You can use a firm or work with accounting software for your business needs. More government recognition is mandatory for many accounting professionals.

However, national professional organizations also recognize chartered financial analysts (CFAs) and certified internal auditors (CIAs). Whether to hire a bookkeeper vs accountant must reference the kind of accountant. Save time and focus on your business with our bookkeeping services. You can operate with confidence knowing that your invoices have been paid, and your accounts receivable are up to date. Check out the average hourly rate for accounting services in your area. A.Quarles CPA is dedicated to providing quality accounting solutions and tax strategies for small business owners.

We offer a variety of accounting services for small businesses.

If your small business could use any of our accounting services, don’t hesitate to reach out to our firm. We have the qualifications and experience you know you can rely on, and we will help you to do what is best for your business financially. Our payroll processing service takes care of paying your employees, filing your taxes and we guarantee our work. Contact local CPAs or tax professionals to see if they can offer their services without in-person contact. Many firms can operate remotely or virtually, and others that typically operate face-to-face may be changing their procedures to keep up with social distancing guidelines.

  • Outsourced bookkeeping services and accounting services can be less expensive yet just as helpful as in-house staff.
  • Forensic accountants investigate financial crimes involving fraud, embezzlement and other issues.
  • They also require continuing education coursework to renew licensure periodically.
  • Busy restaurants owners save time and money with our accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services.

Our accounting firm is dedicated to optimizing small and medium-sized businesses to help them grow. We care about helping businesses in a way that has a profound effect on the lives of our clients, their employees, and their communities at large. As a family-owned firm ourselves, we understand the need for trust in the relationships we form with our clients. We can promise you our openness and honesty as we provide the accounting services you need.

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It simplifies bookkeeping substantially, but it still requires training and accounting skills to use effectively. Since many small businesses already use QuickBooks for their accounting, our familiarity with this program allows us to seamlessly integrate the information we need to help manage your finances. According to the American Institute of CPAs, certified public accountant (CPAs) financially advise individuals, big companies and small businesses to help them reach their financial goals. For example, they can consult you on taxes and other accounting needs. You can help your financial professional get you accurate, meaningful answers about your finances.


The reports bookkeepers produce provide valuable financial information that can be used to future-proof your business. If you are keen to have more input and advice when making decisions based on your financial data, this is where an accountant can help. Are you drowning in paperwork because your small business doesn’t have the accounting assistance it needs?

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Bookkeeping is the foundation of your finances while accounting takes care of higher-level processing. You use accounting to look at how the coupons affect your finances. Accountants examine your financial information with a subjective point of view, using their knowledge to interpret data. They look for patterns in your records to help you make business decisions. Accountants verify recorded data about your financial activities. Accountants look at the big picture view of your business’s finances.

Bookkeepers need a strong grasp of all financial details in the company so they know if there are any inconsistencies. Bookkeepers don’t need any specific certifications, but you want to make sure whoever works on your company’s bookkeeping is extremely organized. Even if you are using an online system for bookkeeping, delegating an employee with keeping track of it on a daily basis is very important. If this wisdom is lacking, an accountant might be the better choice.