What is Dragonchain

So not only is a transaction secured by an individual chain, it is secured by all chains connected to Dragon Net. Interchain is the way all blockchains and traditional systems can connect in a secure manner. Although Interoperability is thought to be a token to token transfer, Dragonchain takes a multidimensional approach by focusing on token transfer, utility, security, and traditional systems. The DragonChain can also offers a Crowd-Scaled Incubator is where companies will be able to easily develop their blockchain projects by following DragonChain’s standardized process. Crowed-Scaled means that after the company develops it’s blockchain based product, it can be reviewed and scaled by a crowd consisting of people/investors from all over the world. If the blockchain project gets approval from these reviewers, the DragonChain incubator works to reduce the resources required for a client to get exposure on a developing project.

What is Dragonchain

The original patent in 2018, focused solely on connecting a private or hybrid blockchain with two or more other blockchains. This expanded patent now includes connecting ANY two blockchains to Dragon Net, Dragonchain’s hybrid consensus protocol. With this new recognition, no other blockchain platform can use Dragonchain’s Interchain™ system to interop with another blockchain. This is an important distinction for Dragonchain as Interchain™ is the only verifiable, secure, and scalable, way to interop between blockchains and legacy systems.

What Is DragonChain Cryptocurrency ? What is Dragon Coin (DRGN)

As witnesses with reports coming out of China during the coronavirus outbreak, citizen journalists tried to get the truth out and were met with censorship and sometimes a more severe demise. In the event of censorship, the hash of an archived article using Interchain™ technology lives on all four blockchains. With Dragonchain, you can simply spin up your node in real-time, which is your own https://www.tokenexus.com/ private blockchain, without limitations in terms of flexibility and interoperability. From there, you can either use existing and vetted smart contracts from the library, or have your developers create their own custom smart contracts in languages they already know for years. On Dragonchain, custom smart contracts can be written in any language that your developers are familiar with.

Dragonchain was built by the Dragonchain Foundation to enable more rapid development of blockchain-based applications. The Dragonchain Foundation oversees the protocol’s open-source code and the blockchain itself is maintained by Dragonchain, Inc. Hybrid blockchain platforms are able to use public blockchains for proof of existence. Ensuring ultimate, decentralized and immutable proof that certain events have occurred.

1. Decentralized Authentication

The architecture of the Dragonchain platform allows developers to monetize late into their design. A Level 5 node will act as a bridge to allow the interoperability of the Dragonchain platform to one or more public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It’s instinctive to try to describe Dragonchain with “Mainnet” lingo—  after all, the Mainnet is where the actual transactions take place right? Unlike other blockchain service providers, we interchain with other networks to transact and our clients build their own consensus, setting up their own nodes. Dragonchain’s hybrid blockchain is designed primarily for enterprise use, i.e. for large companies to whom it offers the possibility to create their own private blockchain relatively easily and quickly. It allows developers to write and deploy contracts in familiar programming languages.

What is Dragonchain

These transactions occur in the form of a transfer between wallet addresses in the distributed ledger, creating an interlocking system of enduring accounting records. Since the entries are distributed and cryptographically sealed, falsifying them in a credible way or destroying them to conceal an activity is practically impossible. What could be possible with software and systems built to open up markets that otherwise would not exist? Public key algorithms are fundamental to cryptosystems, applications and protocols. They underpin various internet standards, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS), S/MIME, PGP, and GPG. In a public key encryption system, any person can encrypt a message using the receiver’s public key.

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A seller books a debit to account for cash received, while a buyer books a credit for cash spent in the same transaction, but in separate sets of accounting records. The keys, in practice, represent a shared secret What is Dragonchain between two or more parties that can be used to maintain a private information link. This requirement, that both parties have access to the secret key, is one of the main drawbacks of symmetric key encryption.

What is Dragonchain

While also allowing to validate the hash of the private transactions through consensus algorithms. And even completely decentralized public checkpoints on networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Through Interchain the hash of a private transaction can be placed on the Bitcoin blockchain or any other public blockchain such as Ethereum. This allows to utilize the benefits of blockchains that are focused on specific use cases such as quantum resistant blockchains. This will protect against quantum attacks,[3][4] although such attack never was successful yet.

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Taken together, these three features are known collectively as DragonChain[3]. DRGN is an ERC-20 token so there are several options for where to store it, namely in an ERC-20-compatible wallet. For those storing their tokens in an online ERC-20 wallet, DragonChain recommends using MyEtherWallet or “MEW”. Many of the exchanges on this list are rather uncommon, leaving room for potential price jumps if DRGN gets adopted by larger exchanges like Binance.