As early as middle school I soon learned that the “skunk” smell wasn’t a rodent at all, but the sweet fragrance of the mind-altering flower. Dro, weed, loud or whatever your region calls it, it was never taboo to me. It was something I just accepted as an aspect of my culture—and in a lot of ways, it is. Las Vegas Sessions continue with legendary cannabis advocate Jamie Shaw getting into the weeds on ITW Podcast  On episode 67… Famed Photographer Ophelia Chong returns to Into The Weeds along with genius marketing consultant, Chris Husong   On episode 69… What we will say is that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

  • Despite the popularity of drugs in hip-hop culture, not every rapper partakes in popping mollys or getting fried.
  • Many rappers are known for celebrating drink and drugs, from smoking weed, to sipping lean, to popping Xanax.
  • Multi-talented Pharrell Williams chooses to abstain from drug use.
  • Then he noted that his “addictive personality” is what could potentially lead to his downfall.
  • Kung Fu Kenny doesn’t hit the gang either but sure as hell will hit your heart strings.
  • Some say it’s not addictive whatsoever, and others say that it has a habitual addiction, but not as much of a chemical addiction as harder drugs.
  • Having grown up in Compton, Kendrick Lamar smoked and drank a bit as a teenager.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he confessed that he’d be taking up to 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills per day during the peak of his addiction. In 2007 he experienced a near-fatal methadone overdose. “The deeper I got into my addiction, the tighter the lid got on my creativity,” Eminem told New York Times in 2009.

Sober: 12 Rappers Who Don’t Smoke Weed

J. Cole is another one of the rappers who don’t smoke cannabis. What makes him interesting as that he’s made plenty of tracks about smoking. Rappers have a target audience, and they must try to relate to that artist. And sometimes, that means they have to pretend to be something they’re not.

Andre is an interesting case, with his claim of being cannabis free since the late 1990s. He was another rapper who used to smoke a lot, but now he’s a part of the group of rappers who don’t smoke cannabis. He used to smoke and drink a lot, and he claimed that this ended up taking control of his life. Period.” Joe Budden proclaimed in a 2013 interview with “Some people can function [with drugs], I’m just dysfunctional and self-destructive,” the Slaughterhouse rapper explained. In his past, Budden has struggled with an addiction to MDMA.

Feds Find 70 Pounds of Marijuana on Juice Wrld’s Private Jet

Lamar recalled the conversation he had with his father in an interview with SPIN’s Jessica Hopper. “I don’t smoke, period.” Lamar told Complex magazine. But in a 2003 interview with The Guardian, Mr. 3000 said that he quit smoking pot and drinking sober rappers in 1998 after realizing that the drug had taken control of his life. I had a platinum album out and I would do stuff like go to [the] projects to buy weed,” he said. “I knew it wasn’t too clever. I was putting myself in danger,” he stated.

rappers who dont smoke

That’s the thing you’ll notice about a few artists on this list. While they may rap about weed (for their fans), it’s not something they actually partake of. Kind of like the politicians who voted for (or against) the war in Iraq just to appease their constituents.